King Edward V11 Chapter of Improvement


King Edward VII Rose Croix Chapter of Improvement Demonstrations 2019

The King Edward VII Chapter of Improvement will this year be Demonstrating the 14th Degree, Grand Elect, Perfect and Sublime Master.

This Degree requires the Candidate to prove himself in every Degree from the 1st to the 13th and, once accepted, he is then Obligated, Consecrated, Refreshed, Invested, Entrusted and Appointed Keeper of the Sacred Treasur which he discovered in the Vaults below the ruins of the Temple of Enoch.

Chapter Recorders have been issued with Booking Forms for attendance on and at:

Monday 27th April in the Grand Temple at Great Queen Street, London or

Saturday 9th May, at West Houghton, Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Members are encouraged to attend one of these meetings as it gives an opportunty to witness and see demonstrated those Intermediate Degrees that are conferred upon you by name.

It should be noted that each member of the Demonstration team also acts as understudy for another Officer, essentially doubling the amount of ritual that each one hones for just four performances: a magnificent feat.