King Edward V11 Chapter of Improvement


King Edward VII Rose Croix Chapter of Improvement in Birmingham

The Midlands Rose Croix Chapter of Improvement managed to secure one of the three travelling Demonstrations delivered by this Supreme Council authorised Chapter of Improvement at Moseley Masonic Hall on Wednesday 6th June 2018.  One hundred and fifty Princes filled the large Temple to generate an intimate atmosphere for the 11th degree: Sublime Prince Elect and Arcana of the 12th degree: Grand Master Architect.  Like all of the Intermediate Degrees, these demonstrations are based upon the Francken manuscripts held by Supreme Council and so the ritual has effectively been resurrected thanks to considerable input from Supreme Council.


As the Midlands Rose Croix Chapter of Improvement incorporates Staffordshire and Shropshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire Districts it was delightful to find that the Inspector General for each one was present. They were joined by three more visiting Inspectors General, a member of the 33° and M.·.Ill.·.Bro Guy Elgood, OER, 33°, Grand Treasurer General from Supreme Council as a last minute substitute for The Rt Hon the Lord Wigram, MVO, 33°, Grand Chamberlain, who had suddenly been taken ill but has now recovered. His escort on this occasion was Ill.·.Bro Christopher Noon, 31°, Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. 

Ill.·.Bros. Geoffrey Walker, 30° and Geoffrey Cowley, 31°, Assistant Grand Organist supplemented the eight man Demonstration Team together with E&P Bro Robert Price, 18°, for the Sublime Prince Elect 11°. This degree was worked and then explained in catechetical form by every member of the Demonstration team apart from the Candidate in just fourty-minutes.  At the Festive Board the remaining one hundred and fifteen attendees learned that each member of the Demonstration team also acts as understudy for another Officer, essentially doubling the amount of ritual that each one hones for just four performances: a magnificent feat.   


With no Tracing Board for the Grand Master Architect, 12°, and only three participants, the demonstration flew along in twenty-five fifteen minutes during which we discovered that the three different types of architecture are Civil, Naval and Military. This particular ceremony also contains the text “I AM, the Architect, God” and is therefore the foundation of Masonry through its recognition that the Great Architect of the Universe is God.  It was also interesting to hear the Supreme Council being specifically mentioned in the Obligation for the first time in this series of Intermediate Degree demonstrations. 

The very high standard exhibited in the Temple was matched by excellent fraternity at the Festive Board, where friendships near and far were renewed or initiated. As the event was under the control of Worcestershire District, a porcelain plate was presented to M.·.Ill.·.Bro Guy together with a bottle of a local delicacy both for him and Ill.·.Bro Chris as souvenirs of their visit.