Chapter of Improvement


Staffordshire and Shropshire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire Districts

Founded 1926

The Midlands Rose Croix Chapter of Improvement (MRCCI) has an important significance in the Ancient and Accepted Rite – it is one of only two Chapters of Improvement in this Country authorised by the Supreme Council (the other being the King Edward VII Chapter of Improvement in London). It comprises the Districts of Staffordshire & Shropshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

The MRCCI was formed to encourage members to increase their knowledge of the Order and to provide facilities for the instruction, practice and rehearsal of the ceremonies of Perfection and Enthronement as set out in the authorised book of ritual.

Preceptor    Ill. Bro. C. M. K. Dyer 31o
Recorder   Ill Bro T M Wooldridge 32o
Treasurer   Ill Bro M. W. N. Ashcroft 30o
Deputy Preceptors   Staffs & Shropshire    
    Ill Bro R D Glover 32o
    Ill Bro C Hutchinson 31o
    Ill Bro A D Beckingsale 31o
    Ill. Bro. T. Fulton 30o
     Ill. Bro. D. Jenkinson 30o
     Ill. Bro. N. Renton 31o
    Ill Bro P Rodwell 31o
    Ill Bro H D Butterworth 31o
    Ill Bro M A Hume 320
    Ill. Bro. G. Stacey 30o
    Ill. Bro. H. Carlton 30o
    Ill. Bro. S. Jinks 30th Desig.

Please contact a Deputy Preceptor in your area or who is designated to assist with your Chapter to arrange a convenient time for him to visit and give assistance with any part of the ritual. The Preceptor or Recorder will also be glad to help.

Brethren from the three districts will be welcome at meetings in the other districts.