Regular Meeting

Fri, 17th January 2020 5:00pm - 10:00pm

Gervase Paganel No. 316

The next Regular Meeting of the Chapter will take place at the Masonic Hall, Wellington Road, Dudley on Thursady 16th January.

The Main Business of the evening will be to conduct a Demonstration of a selected part of the 18th Degree Ceremony and to carry out the Elections for the ensuing year.

Visitors will always be made very welcome. Please contact the Chapter Recorder.

Special Meeting

Sat, 25th January 2020 10:00am - 3:30pm

District Farewell to the Inspector General

St. Francis of Assisi Chapter will be holding their next Regular Meeting at Kings Heath during the morning of Saturday 25th January, followed by Luncheon.

This is a Very Special Meeting for, not only will they be conducting a Perfection Ceremony and Presenting 2 Supreme Council Certificates, it will also be the Final Offical Meeting for our Inspector General, V. Ill. Bro. Dr. Richard N Hoare, 33o.

R Hoare (S) pic.png (thumbnail)

It is hoped therefore that as many Members of the District as possible will seek to attend this meeting to show our gratitude for his devotion to and support of our Order in the District of Worcestershire and elsewhere.

There may also be a uniqueness at this meeting in that both the Inspector Generals Designate in Charge, for the Districts of Worcestershire and Warwickshire,  Ill Bro's Joseph Marzouk, 32o and Stephen Fowler, 32o are Members of the Chapter.

A copy of the Summons and details for "Booking In" have been circulated to every Chapter Recorder for onward transmission to the Membership.


Regular Meeting

Thu, 6th February 2020 5:00pm - 10:00pm

Oldswinford Chapter No. 908

The next |Regular Meeting of the Chapter will take place at the Talbot Hotel, Stourbridge on the date shown at the earlier start time of 18:00

The Main business of the Meeting is to conduct a Perfection of one of two available Candidates and to carry out the necessary Ballots/Declarations of the MWS, Treasurer and Outer Guard for the ensuing year.

Visitors will always be assured of a warm welcome. Please contact the Chapter Recorder.

Special Meeting

Tue, 3rd March 2020 5:00pm - 10:30pm

Presentation of 60 Years of Service to Craft Freemasonry

A "Special Meeting" of Hope & Charity Lodge No. 377 will take place on 3rd March when Ill. Bro. Michael Homer, 32o will receive his 60 Years of Service to Craft Masonry Certificate from the Provincial Grand Master.

Michael is very well known in our Order having been Perfected into S t Mary and All Saints Chapter in 1971, enthroned as MWS in 1981 and he was promoted to 32o in 2001.

The Lodge are hoping that many of his friends from the various Orders of which he is a Member will join them to celebrate this wonderful occassion.

Anyone interested should contact the Lodge Secretary, W. Bro. Martin Lawrence who will be delighted to send details.

Special Meeting

Mon, 27th April 2020 1:00pm - 8:00pm

King Edward VII Chapter of \Improvement Demonstration of 14th Degree

The Second of this years(2020) Demonstrations of the 14th Degree by the Chapter will be held at Gt. Quuen Street on the date shown.

There are 3 different opportunities to witness the event.

13:00 ~ Preview ONLY,  17:00  Demonstration ONLY or inclusive of Dinner in the Grand Connaught Rooms.

These are always excellent events and enable us to gain a better understanding of those Degrees we have conferred upon us.

Your Chapter Recorder has all the details includinh a Booking Form.

Special Meeting

Tue, 5th May 2020 5:00pm - 10:00pm

St Theodore & St Dunstan

A Special Meeting of St. Theodore and St Dunstan Chapters  will be held on Tuesday 5th May to receive the Most Illustrious Brother. the Revd Dr. John Railton 33 the Grand Prior,  who will attend to dedicate the Most Wise Sovereigns Standards of both Chapters.

It will also be the Enthronement Meeting for St. Theodore so it really will be a super night of Rose Croix Masonry.

This is a very special event within the District and Visitors will be made extremely welcome to attend and witness this important occasion.

Further details will be published in due course.

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