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Thu, 25th February 2021

Virtual Business Meeting

On Wednesday evening, 24th February, the MWS, Recorder and 10 Members, together with the Inspector General and District Recorder, attended a Virtual Business Meeting of the Chapter.

Following a very warm welcome from the MWS a comprehensive Almoners update was provided followed by the Treasurers  Report, which concluded with the vote being taken to change the Chapter's financial year.

A Notice of Motion was given that the two most Senior Members and Subscribing Past Sovereigns of the Chapter, due to their excellent service to the Order in general and Chapter in particular, were to be Proposed as Honorary Members. A fitting tribute to two distinguished Freemasons.

The Inspector General congratulated the Chapter Recorder, Ill. Bro. Alan Workman, on his election to the 31o , and looked forward to seeing him invested in due course.  


Sat, 20th February 2021

Higher Degree Promotions

It is with great pleasure and delight that we are able to announce that three of our well deserving Brethren have been elected to the 31o of our Order following the meeting of Supreme Council on Thursday 11th February.

To Ill. Bro's, Barry Fitzgerald, Stephen Middleditch and Alan Workman we send our heartiest congratulations on your well earned promotions.

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Tue, 16th February 2021

MRCCI ~Deputy Preceptors Meeting~ District of Worcestershire

On Monday evening, 15th February the newly appointed Preceptor of the MRCCI, Ill. Bro. Charles M. K. Dyer 31o held a meeting with the newly appointed and current Deputy Preceptors for the District of Worcestershire. The Inspector General desig., a former Deputy Preceptor, and the DR were in attendance.

Following an introduction from the IG, who underlined the importance of the Deputy Preceptor's role, the Preceptor then established the aim of the meeting, indicating one of their key roles, namely the improvement of our beautiful ritual. 

This focused the meeting, and various suggestions were made, the most important of which, was that of being able to visit and encourage our Chapters to conduct our Perfection Ceremony with the full gravitas required, and to assist in the training of Raphael and the Marshal in the important roles they fulfill during the Ceremony.

The Preceptor summed up by agreeing that a further meeting should be organised to discuss how this was to be achieved.

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Wed, 10th February 2021

St. Edmund, King & Martyr Monthly Meeting

7 Members of the Chapter, the Inspector General Desig. and District Recorder came together last night on Zoom for what has become a regular monthly virtual meeting of the Chapter.

Following a brief discussion from the Almoner, Ill. Bro. Geoff Weston, 31o on the recent sad Passing of Ill. Bro. Royden Smith, 32o , the MWS led the attendees through something similar to the Only Connect Quiz that takes place on BBC 2, when he asked the members to identify the link between, A pair of Chopsticks, Indian Tea, a Cigar and Alaska. After a lot of head scratching he informed us that they were all associated with his travels and were places where he had seen Masonic Halls given that he had visited Japan, India, Cuba and Juno, Alaska. This led to a very interesting discussion amongst those present, who then went on to describe Masonic Halls, meeting places and activities, in Bergerac, Andorra, Spain, Austria, Bavaria, Holland and the USA which proved both interesting and enlightening, and showed how universal masonry is and how well some people have travelled.

Unfortunately the meeting only had a 40 minute plan and so there was a hasty farewell from what had been a very entertaining evening.

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Fri, 5th February 2021

Passing to the Grand Chapter Above - Ill. Bro. Royden M Smith

It is with great sadness that we have to record the Passing to the "Grand Chapter Above" of Ill. Bro. Royden M Smith, 32o a Member of St. Edmund King and Martyr and Worcestershire Chapters and a former District Recorder.

Royden had recently been in Hospital and then discharged to a Nursing Home as part of the recovery process but unfortunately he did not make any progress and sadly passed away in the early hours of this morning.

He has no immediate family so Ill. Bro. Geoff Weston, the Chapter Almoner, is looking after his affairs and will provide details of the restricted Funeral arrangements in due course.

Royden was an active Freemason in a number of Orders and will be sorely missed.

May he now Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory. Amen.

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Fri, 5th February 2021

Oldswinford Chapter Virtual Meeting

On Tuesday evening 4th February, some 13 Members, 2 Visitors and the Inspector General Desig. and District Recorder, enjoyed a most convivial and well structered Virtual Meeting.

Having welcomed everyone the MWS requested the Treasure give an update on the Accounts, and he reported that the Chapter was in a good financial state. This was followed by the Almoner reporting that, although there was some illness, those suffering were on the mend.

The MWS, Ill. Bro. A. John Yeates, 31o then presented a short paper on "Epiphany & Candlemas" which was very well received. This concluded with the Prelate, Ill. Bro. M. Fellows, 32o reciting the Song of Simeon, known to us as the "Nunc Dimittis", used in a number of Chapters as the Closing Hymn, and indeed the Inspector General Designate stated he would like more Chapters to use this, given that in the Vulgate version of the Bible it means "Now you Dismiss."

The meeting concluded with the MWS thanking the members and visitors for their attendance and the District Recorder for hosting the meeting. The Inspector General & DR gave their personal thanks for the Invitation to attend and gave Greetings from the District.

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Wed, 3rd February 2021

Passing of Ill. Bro. George Lowther, 30*

It is with sadness that we record the Passing to the Grand Chapter Above of Ill. Bro. George Lowther, 30o a Past Sovereign and Almoner of St. Kenelm Chapter No. 876.

This is the first recorded death within the membership of the District that has been attributed to Covid-19.

May he now Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.

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Tue, 26th January 2021

In Memoriam

It is with deep sadness and regret that we report the "Passing to the Grand Chapter Above" of Ill. Bro. Alan Granville Wright, TD, JP, 32o . 18/08/1920 - 25/01/2021.

Alan was Perfected into St. Nicolas Chapter, No. 198 on 22/10/1955 and received his 30o in 1980, Promoted to 31o in 1988 and elevated to 32o in 2001. He was a Founder of Bordesley Abbey Chapter No. 918 which was Consecrated in 1983 serving as MWS in 1987, and was also a Founder of Worcestershire Chapter No. 970, consecrated in 1987 and where he became the 14th MWS in 2000 and elected an Honorary Member on his retirement from Freemasonry, prior to his move to a Care Home in Yorkshire.

A totally committed Freemason, holding high Office in all of the Orders in which he was involved, and we were delighted, along with Supreme Council,to share in his 100th Birthday Celbrations last August. 

To his daughter Nicky we send our sincere condolences. May he now Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory. 


Sat, 23rd January 2021

Satisfying Saturday

The Chapter Recorder hosted an excellent Saturday afternoon meeting with 12 of the Chapter and 7 Visitors in attendance. This included 2 Inspectors General Designate together with the Past Inspector General, all of whom are Members of the Chapter, and the District Recorders from the Districts of Worcestershire & Warwickshire lending their support to their respective Inspectors General Designate.

The Chapter reviewed the current situation and considered all correspondence received to date, and gave mention of those members who for various reasons were unable to be present.

The Treasurer gave his report stating the satisfactory situation of the Chapter's finances.

A discussion took place in regard to the Chapters forthcoming 50th Anniversary due to be held in January 2022, and that the 3 Inspectors General mentioned, which it is believed will be unique, were due to be Installed at the September 2021 Meeting as follows: V. Ill. Bro. Dr Richard Hoare, 33o as MWS, V. Ill. Bro. Dr. Joseph Marzouk, 33o as 1st General and V. Ill. Bro. Stephen Fowler, 33o as 2nd General. 

Individual Members and the Visitors were then invited to give personal updates and the Meeting concluded with a quiz set by the Chapter Recorder who, in another role as Most Excellent Grand Superintendent for the Province of Worcestershire, is known for his "Infamous MEGS Quiz." This one was a little better as it focused solely on the Ancient & Accepted Rite. However no one was able to score 100% but the IG Desig. for Worcesterhire managed a commendable 90%.

On completion greetings were given by the Visitors from their respective Chapters and the two DR's gave greetings from their respective Districts.

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Wed, 13th January 2021

St. Dunstan Chapter No. 12

On Wednesday 13th January, the Members of the Chapter ,in company with the Inspector General Designate and District Recorder, held a Virtual Meeting organised by their Chapter Recorder, Ill. Bro. Alan Workman, 30o

Following  a warm welcome and introduction by the MWS, E & P. Bro. John Harmshaw, the Chapter held a general discussion on the affairs of the Chapter given that today should have been their Regular January Meeting.

The Recorder gave an update on certain absent members including Ill. Bro's Talbot, 31o , Richard Goddard, 32o , Henry France-Sergeant, 30o , and E & P Bro. Brian Chadd, and expressed his delight that E & P. Bro. Stephen Holmes was able to join us following his continued battle getting over an extremely serious case of Covid-19.

The meeting provided an excellent opportunity for the Members to have a general chat and, where necessary, discuss items of business associated with the Chapter. 

Given the Recorder had organised the Meeting on the "Free Zoom" basis he was also pleased to express his thanks to the 1st General, E & P Bro. Barry Benge who has volunteered his Zoom business account, which provides unlimited time, for future meetings.

The MWS closed the meeting with grateful thanks to all those who had attended. 


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Tue, 12th January 2021

St. Edmund King & Martyr Chapter

On Tuesday 12th January the Chapter conducted a Virtual Meeting for the Members to which the Inspector General Designate and District Recorder were invited.

Following a welcome from the MWS, E & P Bro. Paul Woodward, the Chapter Almoner, Ill. Bro. Geoff Weston, 31o gave an update on absent members including Ill. Bro. Royden Smith, 32o , Past District Recorder, who had recently been admitted to hospital for a non-covid related problem but has now unfortunately caught the disease. Currently he appears to be doing well.

The Chapter was then entertained to a most interesting talk on St. Edmund, King & Martyr, who is both the Patron Saint of Pandemics and Kings, and was in fact the First Patron Saint of England. He was also known as the Martyr King and was the King of Anglia (now East Anglia) in the 9th Century.

Today the town of Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk is closely associated with the king whose tomb is located in the Abbey. Interestingly there is another St. Edmund Chapter RC No. 162 which is actually based in Bury St. Edmunds.

The MWS had obviously conducted a great deal of research and his talk proved most interesting and indeed enlightening and was enjoyed by all present.

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Mon, 28th December 2020

In Memoriam

It is with sincere regret that we record the Passing to the Grand Lodge Above of Ill. Bro. George E. Bradley, 300 a former Past Sovereign of Northfield Chapter No. 1022, on 27th December.

Ill. Bro. George was well known throughout the Province as a loyal and dedicated member of a number of Orders but in recent years his health began to suffer and he was obliged to retire from active Freemasonry. We send our Sincere Condolences to his family and may he now Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.  

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Fri, 4th December 2020

Virtual Success at Oldswinford Chapter 908

What better way is there to enjoy a dark and miserable early December evening than by holding a Virtual Meeting with the Members.

Last night some 19 Members, their prospective Candidate, the Inspector General and District Recorder attended the meeting and had the opportunity to enjoy seeing if not meeting each other at what should have been the December Regular Meeting of the Chapter. It was perhaps sobering to hear the latest Perfectee, E & P Bro. Colin P. T. Brown remind the meeting that this was his first meeting within the Chapter since he was Perfected one year ago.

The MWS, Ill. Bro. A. John Yeates, 31 had prepared a loose agenda which gave every member the opportunity to say a few words and it was very good to see those members who have not been well during this difficult period in attendance. 

The Chapter are looking forward to holding their first meeting in their new home, the James S. Webb Masonic Centre, hopefully in April; where several of the Members have spent a lot of time in its refurbishment and preparation.

Towards the end of the Meeting the Craft Provincial Chaplain, Ill. Bro. Rev. Justin Parker, 30o gave a beautiful rendition of a Christmas Poem and the Chapter Prelate and longest serving Past Sovereign, Ill. Bro. Michael Fellows, 32o provided a superb closure to what had been an excellent evening.