Wed, 13th November 2019

Congratulations on Promotion

On Monday 11th November Ill Bro Paul S. Webber of St Dunstan Chapter No. 12 was promoted to the 30 at a packed Supreme Council Meeting which saw the promotion of 57 Members. We send our hearty congratulations to him.  

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Wed, 13th November 2019

Passing to the Grand Lodge Above

It is with a very heavy heart that we have learnt of the Passing of Ill Bro. Michael J Miles 310 on Sunday evening 10th November. Michael served as Most Wise Sovereign in St Agnes Chapter No. 344 in 1985 and 2013 and was the MWS Elect to be Enthroned at the 75th Anniversary Meeting which is due to take place on Friday 22nd November. He also served as MWS in Worcestershire Chapter No. 970 in 2015. He will be sorely missed.

We send our heartfelt condolences to the family.

May he rest in Peace.

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Fri, 8th November 2019

Memories to Remember at St Theodore

On Tuesday 5th November at Rainbow Hill the Chapter held its Regular Meeting with the main focus on the evening; following the Declaration of the MWS and Treasurer for the following year and the Third Point and Closure; the Chapter received an inspiring and very interesting talk from W. Bro. David Rushforth; this years Winner of the "Provincial Lecturers Cup;" on "Masons as Prisoners of War," covering the periods of the Napolionic, First and Second World Wars and the influences created between Masonic Friends and Foe, especially in the first two. This then highlighted the complete and total contrast and difference when the Nazi's and Hitler rose to power and went about the total destruction of Masonic Temples and the attempt to demonise and exterminate Freemasons, aligning them with the Jewish populations.

This very well researched and received presentation showed that there were many facets which could become presentations in their own right.

On completion the presentation was greeted with acclaim and not only grateful thanks being given by the Inspector General, but he also passed around two mementoes handed down to him by his late father of Masonic Jewels made by Prisoners of War in WW11.


Fri, 8th November 2019

The Past Illustrious Inspector General receives his 50 Years of Service Certificate

Jon White 50 Year CertificateA party of Senior Members of Gervase Paganel Chapter together with the Inspector General, District Recorder and a Deputy Preceptor of the MRCCI travelled to the Sunrise Living Home at Tettnall, to present Dr H John White; the Past Inspector General for the District; with his 50 Years of Service to the Order Certificate.

The assembled company enjoyed an excellent afternoon tea and shared their anecdotal stories concerning Dr John before leaving for the Enthronement Meeting of his Mother Chapter at Dudley.

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Tue, 5th November 2019

Past Sovereigns to the Fore at Halesowen

On Monday 4th November, at Newlands, Halesowen Chapter held their Enthronement Meeting.

Due to the serious illness of the reigning Sovereign the Past Sovereigns of the Chapter "stepped up" to conduct an excellent Enthronement Ceremony which was presented in a calm and dignified way and due credit must be given to them. 

Following the Enthronement and Installation of the Officers, a Silver Salver was presented to the Chapter courtesy of the Inspector GeneralV. Ill. Bro. Dr. Richard.N Hoare, 33o which was gratefully received by the Chapter with acclaim.

On Closing the Chapter the Members then retired to enjoy a very convivial Festive Board.

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Wed, 30th October 2019

Interesting evening at St Dunstan

Some 30 Members, including the Inspector General and District Recorder, attended the first Meeting since Enthronement to witness a Perfection Ceremony very well delivered by the Generals conducting the Intermediate Degrees and the Collar, Jewel and Signs, and Past Sovreigns delivering the 1st and 2nd Points.

The MWS was pleased to eventually welcome his guests who had travelled from Weston super Mare and spent over 3 hours on the M5. He also conducted the 3rd Point very well and welcomed our new Prince into the "Circle of Friendship."

Following the Meeting the assembled company enjoyed a very convivial Festive Board where the Inspector General congratulated 2 Past Sovereigns who are to receive their 30o at the November and January Meetings of Supreme Council.

The MWS once again very generously distributed several trio's of Roses, which are always very gratefully received.

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Fri, 18th October 2019

Evesham Chapter 994

Some 15 Members of the Order, including the Inspector General and District Recorder, were in attendance last evening to take part in a Ceremony of Perfection.

The Ceremony was almost unique in that the Intermediate Degrees were presented in an exemplary fashion by the Second General and this was followed by a new Member, who had only joined that evening, but is a well known Member of the Order and Deputy Preceptor of the MRCCI, conducting the First Point, followed by the District Recorder conducting the Second Point, the Explanation of the Collar, Jewel & Signs being presented by the Acting Registrar, and the Accolade and Third Point being conducted by the Inspector General.

This clearly demonstrating that our District is almost unique when it comes to the deliverance of the work required, and hopefully shows our commitment to this beautiful Christian Order. 

On complition the Members retired to enjoy a very convivial Festive Board concluding with the Prelate providing an explanation of the "Fire" to our newly Installed Excellent & Perfect Brother.

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Sun, 6th October 2019

A Daily Advancement at Worcester Chapter 970

Worcester Chapter held their Regular October Meeting at Rainbow Hill, Worcester yesterday, with 36 Members, including the Inspector General and District Recorder in attendance.

A very fitting combined Eulogy was given for two of the Members of the Chapter; both of whom were reigning Most Wise Sovereigns and uncannily had so many similarities in their lives; by the Prelate.

This was followed by a Ballot for four new members which proved in their favour.

The highlight of the meeting was a paper delivered by one of our Organists entitled "The Christian Hymns we use in Masonry." What an enlightening paper and indeed demonstration of the music itself it turned out to be ,and it was very well received. There was no doubt that all of the assembled company certainly made a Daily Advancement in their Masonic knowledge.

The meeting was further enhance by the Inspector General conducting the Third Point, on the completion of whch the Brethren retired to the Festive Board for an excellent Lunch.

The Alms collection raised £160 and is to be sent to the "Oscar" Appeal to assist 5 year old Oscar Saxelby-Lee to travel to Singapore for life-saving treatment.

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Sun, 29th September 2019

Superb & Unique Occasion at St Francis of Assisi 711

On Saturday 28th September at the Enthronement Meeting of the Chapter the MWS requested the 36 Brethren present to "Buckle Up as we are in for a Fast Ride."

Ths was very true given that the Chapter conducted a Full Perfection Ceremony and welcomed a new Candidate, as well as a Rejoining Member, followed by the Enthronement of the MWS and Appointment and Investiture of the Officers for the ensuing year all of which was conducted in an excellent manner.

The real highlight of the day however was the Presentation of a 50 Year Certificate for services to the Order to Ill Bro. Allan Jinks, a Grand Inquisitor Commander 31st Degree. THe Citation was read by the District Recorder and the Presentation of both the Certificate and Letter from Supreme Council 330 presented by the V.Ill Inspector General Dr Richard N Hoare,330 who also presented a personal gift of a Worcester Porcelain Plaque depicting Tewkesbury Abbey. An area with which Allan was very familiar.

Our picture shows the Inspector General and Allan together with Allan's brother Gerry,310 and Simon, 180 Allan's Nephew, who was the Installing Sovereign.

On completion of an excellent Meeting the assembled company retired to enjoy a first class Festive Board.

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Sun, 29th September 2019

First Class Rehearsal at St Ann of Malvern Chapter 606

On Friday 27th September at the Masonic Hall, Rainbow Hill, Worcester the Chapter held its Regular Meeting with an almost 100% attendance of their Members accompanied by the District Recorder.

THe Chapter conducted a full Rehearsal of the Intermediate Degrees, followed by the First Point both of which were conducted and presented in a first class fashion.

The Recorder announced that they have a Candidate so if they can deliver the Perfection Ceremony to the same standard as the Rehearsed Parts it will be an excellent evening.

The District Recorder was requested to present 2 SC Certificates which he conducted in his usual eruite manner.

On completion of the Meeting the Brethren retired to a very enjoyable and convivial Festive Board.

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Sat, 14th September 2019

District Seminar

On Thursday 12th September the MWS, Recorders or their nominated Representatives, attended the first District Seminar of our Order in Worcestershire, hosted by the Inspector General and the District Recorder at Northfield Masonic Rooms.

Following a sumptious buffet the business of the evening began and what an interesting meeting it turned out to be. It was the first time that several of the Brethren had the opportunity to meet their opposite numbers and to hold open and frank discussions on the Order in General, the District and individul Chapters.

A number of positive steps were suggested and will be adopted to the benefit of us all, including the distribution of all Chapter Summons to all Chapter Recorders to encourage inter-visitation, and it was considered that the introduction of the District Diary was an excellent idea.Some time was devoted to the difficult subject of Recruitment, Retention and Recovery, with a very worthwhile 10 point plan being introduced by St Dunstan Chapter with very good support from Bordesley Abbey Chapter, both of whom have had some excellent success in recent years.

In summarising the event the Inspector General suggested that such Seminars should be held twice a year, and the District Recorder will make the necessary arrangements for the next one in the Spring of 2020.

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Thu, 5th September 2019

Breme Chapter 862

Some 19 Members, including the Inspector General and District Recorder, attended last nights meeting at the Masonic Hall, Kidderminster and what an enjoyable evening it turned out to be.

It was particularly encouraging to see a number of Unattached Brethren in attendance.

The Officers of the Chapter conducted a Rehearsal of the Perfection Ceremony, except for the Intermediate Degrees, with a volunteer Candidate who had not attended a Meeting for many years. The Ceremony was conducted in a sympathetic manner and allowed the Officers to identify any shortcomings and prepare to receive a Candidate in the near future.

Following the Meeting the assembled company moved to enjoy an excellently prepared and substantial Festive Board.

During the response to his Toast, the Inspector General commented on how encouraging it was to see a Chapter, who have been through some difficulties since their move from Bromsgrove, hosting such an excellent evening with a very good attendance, especially where there were also some 6 apologies for non-attendance from those who would, in normal circumstances, have been present.