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Wed, 28th April 2021

MRCCI ~ District of Worcestershire

On Monday evening 26th April the Deputy Preceptors of the District held a Virtual Business Meeting with the MRCCI Preceptor, Ill. Bro. Charles Dyer, 31o and the Recorder, Ill. Bro. Tim Wooldridge, 32o to discuss the ""Way Forward" once Supreme Council authorise the recommeencement of activities.

The most important part of the discussions was based on how the team can provide the best assistance and support to Individual Chapters to include:

a. Demonstrations with a commentary of particular sections of the Ceremony of Perfection, especially where a Chapter has no work scheduled for their next Regular Meeting. This to include offering invitations to attend to other Chapters in the District.

b. If invited to actually conduct one of the 3 Points during a Ceremony. (This has particular reference to the changes in the "Temporary Amendments to the Ceremony", announced by Supreme Council in December 2020.

c. To hold a District Meeting inviting all Chapters to attend and conduct a Demonstration and commentary of the complete Ceremony of Perfection, which has proved particularly beneficial within other Orders in the Province of Worcestershire.

To enabale the team to succeed will require the support of every Chapter in the District, and it is hoped that they will take advantage of what is on offer, by contacting the Recorder or the District Recorder for further information.

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Wed, 31st March 2021

The District Diary - Edition 9 - Spring 2021


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Wed, 10th March 2021

St. Edmund King & Martyr Virtual Meeting

On Tuesday evening 9th March 7, Members of the Chapter together with the Inspector General Desig. and the District Recorder, held a Virtual Meeting to conclude the Historical Research Story produced by the MWS, Ill. Bro. Paul Woodward, 30o ,with regard to St. Edmund. It has proved fascinating and provided an excellent topic of conversation.

The Almoner gave an update on the membership's health and welfare, and other than the recent sad passing of Ill. Bro. Roy Smith, 32o ,  the remainder of the Brethren, including the MWS, were in reasonable health.

The Inspector General Desig., V. Ill. Bro. Joseph Marzouk, 33o confirmed that the Supreme Council well recognised that there were those MWS' who were proceeding into a 3rd year in Office and have made an allowance that, when we resume activity, if not already elected, a MWS can be Elected and Enthroned at the same meeting.

The Chapter then discussed their move to Halesowen and their ability to recruit. This led to the book "Beyond the Craft", written by Keith Jackson and other publications being discussed to assist potential Candidates. The DR reminded the Meeting that we do have an Introductory Pamphlet on the Website that can be downloaded, which provides an introduction to the Order and gives details of our Chapters, their locations and the name and details of the Recorder.

At the conclusion of the Meeting the MWS thanked the DR for allowing them to use his Zoom facility and booked a further meeting for 13th April.


Tue, 2nd March 2021

Halesowen Chapter Virtual Meeting

On Monday evening 1st March, some 9 Members of the Chapter together with the Inspecor General and District Recorder, met via Zoom for their normal Regular Meeting. Due to the MWS being indisposed Ill. Bro. David Emery, 31o the Chapter DC was invited by the Secretary,  Ill. Bro. Keith Owen, 30o to Chair the Meeting. 

Following acceptance of the Minutes of the last (Regular) Zoom Meeting held in November, the Treasurer and Almoner gave their reports, the latter being able to report that those who had been in Hospital were now at Home and recovering, albeit slowly.

The Secretary then referred to a letter he had received from the Past Inspector General, Ill. Bro. Dr. Richard N. Hoare, 33o expressing his honour and pleasure on being invited and accepting the offer to become an Honorary Member of the Chapter.

The meeting was then entertained by yet another excellent paper written by the Inspector General on "The Meaning & Significance of the number 33." It proved both extremely interesting and educational and was very well received by those present.

In conclusion, and following a number of admin points being listed for future action, it was agreed that, with the continuation of the current lockdown restrictions, the Chapter would hold anotherVirtual Meeting via Zoom on Monday 10th May 2021 when they will conduct the necessary Elections.

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Thu, 25th February 2021

Virtual Business Meeting

On Wednesday evening, 24th February, the MWS, Recorder and 10 Members, together with the Inspector General and District Recorder, attended a Virtual Business Meeting of the Chapter.

Following a very warm welcome from the MWS a comprehensive Almoners update was provided followed by the Treasurers  Report, which concluded with the vote being taken to change the Chapter's financial year.

A Notice of Motion was given that the two most Senior Members and Subscribing Past Sovereigns of the Chapter, due to their excellent service to the Order in general and Chapter in particular, were to be Proposed as Honorary Members. A fitting tribute to two distinguished Freemasons.

The Inspector General congratulated the Chapter Recorder, Ill. Bro. Alan Workman, on his election to the 31o , and looked forward to seeing him invested in due course.  


Sat, 20th February 2021

Higher Degree Promotions

It is with great pleasure and delight that we are able to announce that three of our well deserving Brethren have been elected to the 31o of our Order following the meeting of Supreme Council on Thursday 11th February.

To Ill. Bro's, Barry Fitzgerald, Stephen Middleditch and Alan Workman we send our heartiest congratulations on your well earned promotions.

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Tue, 16th February 2021

MRCCI ~Deputy Preceptors Meeting~ District of Worcestershire

On Monday evening, 15th February the newly appointed Preceptor of the MRCCI, Ill. Bro. Charles M. K. Dyer 31o held a meeting with the newly appointed and current Deputy Preceptors for the District of Worcestershire. The Inspector General desig., a former Deputy Preceptor, and the DR were in attendance.

Following an introduction from the IG, who underlined the importance of the Deputy Preceptor's role, the Preceptor then established the aim of the meeting, indicating one of their key roles, namely the improvement of our beautiful ritual. 

This focused the meeting, and various suggestions were made, the most important of which, was that of being able to visit and encourage our Chapters to conduct our Perfection Ceremony with the full gravitas required, and to assist in the training of Raphael and the Marshal in the important roles they fulfill during the Ceremony.

The Preceptor summed up by agreeing that a further meeting should be organised to discuss how this was to be achieved.

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Wed, 10th February 2021

St. Edmund, King & Martyr Monthly Meeting

7 Members of the Chapter, the Inspector General Desig. and District Recorder came together last night on Zoom for what has become a regular monthly virtual meeting of the Chapter.

Following a brief discussion from the Almoner, Ill. Bro. Geoff Weston, 31o on the recent sad Passing of Ill. Bro. Royden Smith, 32o , the MWS led the attendees through something similar to the Only Connect Quiz that takes place on BBC 2, when he asked the members to identify the link between, A pair of Chopsticks, Indian Tea, a Cigar and Alaska. After a lot of head scratching he informed us that they were all associated with his travels and were places where he had seen Masonic Halls given that he had visited Japan, India, Cuba and Juno, Alaska. This led to a very interesting discussion amongst those present, who then went on to describe Masonic Halls, meeting places and activities, in Bergerac, Andorra, Spain, Austria, Bavaria, Holland and the USA which proved both interesting and enlightening, and showed how universal masonry is and how well some people have travelled.

Unfortunately the meeting only had a 40 minute plan and so there was a hasty farewell from what had been a very entertaining evening.