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Mon, 30th March 2020

Cancellation due to Covid - 19

The Installation of our Inspector General for the District of Worcestershire has had to be postponed until further notice due to the current pandemic. 

Once clearance is obtained from Supreme Council we will advise of the revised date..

Full details will be published once known.

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Tue, 17th March 2020

Covid ~ 19 Suspension of ALL Masonic activity

Covid ~ 19Brethren All,

By command of the Supreme Council, 33 all Masonic activity is suspended until further notice.

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Mon, 16th March 2020

A Full Perfection Rehearsal at Northfield Chapter

On Monday 9th March the MWS , Past Sovereigns and the Officers conducted a full Perfection Rehearsal in the presence of the District Recorder.

That the Chapter took the decision to conduct the full Ceremony was very credible and proved to be a very worthwhile exercise. The District Recorder thanked the Chapter for their work and stated that all they now need is a Candidate.

With the revised Third Point being introduced for the first time it did not distract from the solemnity of that particular part of our Ceremonial.


On completion the Brethren retired to enjoy a very convivial Festive Board.

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Mon, 9th March 2020

Halesowen Chapter No. 615

On Monday 2nd March the Chapter welcomed the Inspector General Designate in Charge, V.Ill. Bro. Dr. Joseph F K Marzouk, FRCS(C/Th), 33 who; following the Chapter conducting a Rehearsal of the Intermediate Degrees; gave a very interesting and enlightening talk on certain passages of the Old Testament used in our ritual and in particular, " Why is the Bible Opened at Chronicles Chapter 6 for the Intermediate Degrees?"

This provided a very thought provoking insight to the Members present and once again enabled us to make a "Daily Advancement" in our Masonic knowledge.

The Chapter is always very keen to offer a warm welcome to Visitors.

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Wed, 26th February 2020

Perfect Rehearsal at St Ann of Malvern

On Tuesday 25th February tne Members of the Chapter, together with the Inspector General Designate, Ill Bro. Joseph F K. Marzouk FRCS(C/Th), 33o,enjoyed an evening where the Members of the 18o including the MWS and Generals conducted a near perfect Presentation of the Intermediate Degrees followed by the complete 2nd Point. This following their conducting the 1st Point at their last Meeting. The IG Designate stated that " was a joy to watch and they are now well equipped to Install a Candidate."

On completion the assembled company retired to a very convivial Festive Board set up as a Perfect Square.

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Sun, 16th February 2020

St. Kenelm No. 876

A small but committed number of the Members attended the Regular Meeting at Kings Heath Masonic Hall yesterday and conducted a Rehearsal of the Intermediate Degrees and the Collar, Jewel and Signs all presented by the MWS.

Following this the required Annual Elections took place with the MWS and Treasurer both being declared to remain in office for the ensuing year.

On completion of the Third Point the assembled company retired to enjoy a very convivial Festive Board.

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Fri, 7th February 2020

Exemplary Perfection at Oldswinford Chapter No. 908

The immaculate number of 33 Members of the Order, including the Inspector General Designate in Charge, V. Ill. Bro. Dr. Joseph F K Marzouk, FRCS(C/Th), 33o and the District Recorder, attended the Regukar Meeting of the Chapter at the Talbot Hotel, Stourbridge, to witness an exemplary Ceremony of Perfection, conducted by the MWS and senior Past Sovereigns of the Chapter.

The Agenda also included the Declaration of the MWS and Treasurer for the ensuing year and the Election of the Administration Team.

The Candidate, a former Provincial Junior Warden in the Craft, was very well supported by Visitors, however his delivery in"Black Country" Latin of his response to his Toast at the Festive Board left Latin scholars a little perplexed, but translated extremely well. 

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Wed, 5th February 2020

St Mary and All Saints Chapter No. 688

On Thursday 30th January the Members of the Chapter together with the District Recorder attended the Masonic Hall Stourport for the Reguar Meeting of the Chapter.

The main business of the evening was to rehearse the Second Point and the Presentation of the Collar & Jewel of the Degree. Both parts went well but it was identified that there are those who need to update their ritual books.

On completion of the ceremonial the Chapter then elected/declared their Most Wise Sovereign amd Treasurer Designate to be Installed on 29th May.

Following the closure of the Chapter the members moved to an extremely tasty Festive Board.

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Wed, 5th February 2020

Perfect Night at Bordesley Abbey

On Monday 27th January some 16 Members of the Chapter, together with the Inspector General Designate and the District Recorder, attended Redditch Masonic Hall to conduct a Perfection Ceremony.

This was the first outing for the new team and what an excellent job they did. It was also the first time that the Inspector General  Designate had attended the Chapter and he was both warmly welcomed and congratulated on his being appointed to that office and wished every success for his Installation to the 33 which was due to take place on Thursday 30th January.

Following the Closing of the Chapter the assembled company retired to enjoy a very convivial Festive Board.


Tue, 28th January 2020

Magnificent Masonic Memories at St Francis of Assisi Chapter

Saturday 25th January saw the last Official Visit of our retiring Inspector General V. Ill. Bro. Dr. Richard. N Hoare, 33o , when some 43 Members of the Order, including the V. Ill. Bro. Ian Crowe, 33o The Inspector General for the District of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, together with a unique combination of 2 Inspector Generals Designate, Ill. Bro's Stephen, W. Fowler, 32o and Ill. Bro. Dr. J. F. K. Marzouk, 32 both Members of the Chapter, and due to be Promoted to the 33 on the 30th January when they become the V. Ill. Inspector Generals in Charge for the Districts of Warwickshire and Worcestershire respectively.

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The Chapter then conducted an excellent Perfection Ceremony with Ill. Bro's. Stephen Fowler acting as Raphael, Joseph Marzouk, conducting the 2nd Point, the Inspector General, Dr. Richard Hoare, performing the Accolade and E & P Bro. Simon Jinks presenting the Collar Jewel and Signs.

The Inspector General then presented a Supreme Council Certificate to E & P Bro. Christian Kent.

There then followed Presentations to the Retiring Inspector General which included a Solid Silver, Edinburgh Hallmarked, Quaich from the District, a Toby Jug from the Members of St. Francis, which is the IG's Mother Chapter, a Music Stand from the Inspector General Designate and a suitable bottle of his country's favourite tincture from Ill. Bro. Maurice Hume.

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On completion of the Third Point the company retired to a very enjoyable Festive Board.

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Sun, 19th January 2020

Gervase Paganel Chapter No. 316

On Thursday 16th January at The Lodge Rooms, Wellington Road, Dudley, 9 Members of the Chapter and some 5 Visitors, including the Inspector General Designate and the District Recorder attended the Regular Meeting of the Chapter.

The Main Business of the evening was to Demonstrate the Intermediate Degrees, conducted by the Chapter Recorder, and the Second Point conducted by the MWS with the usual Officers attending.

As always this Demonstration/Rehearsal showed the advantages of conducting various parts of the Ceremony and allows the Officers involved to ensure they are up to date with requirements and indeed, using up to date Ritual Book.

Following the Demonstration the Chapter then held discussions on its future, and its possible/probable amalgamation with St Edmund King & Martyr Chapter at a new venue. The outcome of this will become clearer in the months ahead. They also conducted their Ballots/Declarations for their MWS, Treasurer and Officers for next year, the majority of whom will remain in their currrent positions.

On completion the Meeting retired to enjoy the usual excellent fare at Dudley.


Tue, 14th January 2020

3 New Knights Kadosh

On Monday 13th January the Inspector General, V. Ill. Bro. Dr. Richard N Hoare 33o ,accompanied by the DR, were delighted to attend Supreme Council to celebrate the Promotion  of 3 of our Members to the Rank of Knight Kadosh 30o  

Ill Bro's Albert Barnfield, David Dey and Steve Tugwell.

As is his normal, generous, custom the IG very kindly hosted a light luncheon with drinks in the Cavendish Hotel before the meeting and then joined the Worcestershire District contingent at the Festive Board at the Royal Overseas League.

As always Supreme Council delivered an excellent ceremony and our 3 new Knights thoroughly enjoyed not only that experience but the whole day.