St. Kenelm

Sat, 6th November 2021

St. Kenelm Chapter Returns to Labour

After nearly 2 years of suspension, the Chapter met for the delayed Enthronement meeting on Saturday 6th November. 6 Brethren and the IG Des. in-Charge gathered to see the current incumbent, Ill. Bro. Peter Hartley, 30o proclaimed as MWS for the 3rd year, by Dispensation.

Having relocated to Devon, he remains a loyal supporter of the Chapter.  and the Inspector General congratulated him on his promotion to the 30th Degree, with which he is due to be  formally invested at Supreme Chapter on the 15th March 2022.

The meeting started on a somber note as the Brethren stood in silence in respect of departed merit after the moving eulogies for 2 of its members, Ill Bro;s R. Martin,30o and G. Lowther, 30o .

The meeting finally concluded with a hearty lunch which was enjoyed by the brethren.

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Tue, 2nd November 2021

St Theodore's Enthronement Meeting

The Chapter met for it's own Enthronement meeting on the 2nd November, following the dedication of their MWS's Standard by the Grand Prior, at the joint meeting held with St. Dunstan Chapter on the 27th October.

The Standard was proudly placed behind the MWS's Chair, and Ill Bro Keith Layton, 31o  continued in Office, by Dispensation, for the third year.

 The Chapter was attended by 8 Brethren of the Chapter and 2 visitors including the IG Des. in-Charge and Ill Bro. Alan Workman 31o, Recorder of St. Dunstan Chapter No. 12.

The latter was elected as a joining member, who then promised to implement his 10 point recruitment plan; which he designed and presented at a District meeting in 2018, and which has now successfully adopted by many Chapters in the District; in the hope of turning the fortunes of St. Theodore Chapter by attracting new members.

The main items of business were the election of the incoming MWS and the Treasurer and appointment and installation of the officers. The meeting was concluded with the modified 3rd Point now widely adopted in the District.

The meeting was not followed by a full Festive Board due to numbers attending, but the MWS provided light refreshment for all to enjoy with the usual conviviality.

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Mon, 1st November 2021

Halesowen Chapter Reconvenes

On Monday 1st November, after a two year gap due to the pandemic, the Chapter met to conduct it's Enthronement Ceremony, which, due to the pandemic, saw the MWS, E & P Brother Steve Rowe declared under Dispensation for the 3rd year. 

The Chapter welcomed a delegation from St Edmund King & Martyr Chapter who had moved on the closure of the Dudley Masonic Centre to Halesowen. It is intended that the two Chapters would seek to intervisit and thereby strengthen the Order in Halesowen.

On completion the Brethren retired for good quality refreshment. 

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Thu, 28th October 2021

St Mary's & All Saints Return

On Thursday 28th October some 20 members, including the Inspector General Designate and District Recorder, attended the first meeting for some twenty two months during which period two members had sadly passed to higher duties and who were paid due respect to departed merit.

The Chapter has been faced with some difficulties in regard to succession but fortunately, Ill Bro. Gary Talbot, 30o who had recently joined the Chapter volunteered to take the Chair as MWS having just reliquished that role at St Francis of Assissi Chapter.

Following an excellent Enthronement Ceremony by Ill. Bro. Keith Layton, 31o , who was himself standing in for the MWS, Ill Bro. Albert Barnfield, 30o who is quite poorly, the District Recorder presented a Supreme Council Certificate to E & P Bro. Mike Smith, 18o , who had been patiently waiting for two years to receive it.

On completion of the meeting the Brethren retired to a most enjoyable Festive Board.


Celebrate Success

Wed, 27th October 2021

MWS Standards Dedication Ceremony

'Tis done! 'tis done! the Dedication of the Most Wise Sovereigns Standards is at long last done 

At a very special meeting of St. Dunstan Chapter R.C. No. 12, on Wednesday 27th October in Rainbow Hill, Worcester, the long-awaited Dedication of the MWSs' Standards of the said Chapter also hosting St. Theodore Chapter No. 887, was finally done, on behalf of SC, by the Grand Prior, M:. Ill:. Bro. Rev. Dr. John R.H. Railton, 33o, who was escorted by Ill. Bro. Edward Harford, 32o Past Deputy G.D.C., and accompanied by the Inspector General DesIgnate in-Charge, V:.Ill :. Bro. Dr. Joseph F.K.Marzouk, 33o together with 2 other IGs and some 36 Brethren only due to the COVID airflow restriction. 

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Having been in 'gestation' for 9 years and 18 months in 'delivery' after the imposed delay from the original date of the 5th May 2020, it was a delightful occasion, peppered by the eloquence of the Grand Prior, the informative research by the instigators, Ill. Bro. Maurice Hume, 32o and Ill Bro Alan Laidlaw, 32o who also most generously funded the project, was culminated by the excellence of the Enthronement of E&P Bro Barry Benge by the outgoing MWS Ill Bro John Harmshaw, 30o in a sincere and perfect manner. Following which a delightful Festive Board was ushered in by the Piper W Bro. Rob Laurie and the dramatic "Ode to the Haggis", by none other than Maurice Hume in a natural Scottish doggerel as well as an excellent menu, completed a magical and an unforgettable evening. 

It only remained to remember that enormous effort, behind the scene, must have taken place in preparation by the Chapter Recorder, Ill Bro Alan Workman, 31o, Ill Brp Keith Layton, 31o MWS of St. Theodore and the D.C Ill Bro Charles Dyer, 31o and Preceptor of the MRCCI, to achieve such a wonderful celebration of an innovative project which is hoped to be replicated by other Chapters within the District and perhaps copied elsewhere. 

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Sun, 24th October 2021

Bounteous Benevolence

It is with extreme gratitude that we announce the magnificent bequests made in the Will of one of our former District Recorders, Ill. Bro. Royden Smith, 32o who served the District in that capacity from 2004 - 2010. 

He has left legacies of £70,000 to 4 Masonic organisations, The James S Webb Masonic Centre, Stourbridge, Halesowen Masonic Hall, Mark Benevolent Fund and the Eye Hospital at Jerusalem.

In addition he bequethed £140,000 each to his local Hospice and the Opthalmology Department at Russels Hall Hospital.

We are sure these gifts will be very gratefully received and faithfully applied in his memory.

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Fri, 22nd October 2021

Excellent Evening at Evesham Chapter

After a layoff of exactly two years the Chapter met last night to Perfect a new Candidate, Bro. Mike Arens, and to conduct the Enthronement and Installation of Officers. Unfortunately the MWS was unavoidably absent so the Chair for the Meeting was shared between the IPS, Ill. Bro. Steve Tugwell, 30o and Ian Fothergill, 31o , assisted by Ill Bro's Taff Hill, 30o and Simon Jinks, 30o . E & P Bro. Stan Brotherton, 18o set the bar high for the Ceremony with an excellent presentation of the Intermediate Degrees.

Following the Ceremony and Installation the V. Ill. Inspector General, V. Ill. Bro. Dr Joseph Marzouk, 33o then presented a Supreme Council Certificate to E & P Bro. Jon Battell, 18o and, what has become a tradition in Evesham Chapter, not followed by others in the District, an Enthronement Certificate to Ill. Bro. Steve Tugwell, 30o . the IPS.

On conclusion of the Meeting the assembled company moved to the Festive Board, held as a "White Table" where they entertained 3 of their 4 Candidates who it is hoped will all be Perfected in 2022.

An excellent evening in every respect. 

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Sun, 10th October 2021

Gervase Paganel meet in their New Home

On Friday 8th October 6 Members of the Chapter together with the Inspector General,  District Recorder and 1 Visitor, met in their new home, The James S Webb Masonic Centre in Stourbridge, to conduct their Enthronement Meeting where Ill. Bro. David M Edwards, 32o was Procalimed for a 3rd year in office.

It was, despite the low numbers, a very worthwhile evening and the members were delighted with the facilities that have been provided. Grateful thanks were given to Ill. Bro. Ken Hingley, 30 of Oldswinford Chaper who was one of the team who helped to create the  new centre.

Having moved from Dudley the Chapter are now looking to consolidate their position in Stourbridge and look forward to welcoming new members into our beautiful Christian Order.

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Tue, 5th October 2021

Letter from our Inspector General In Charge


Letter to District 3rd Oct_1.jpg

Letter to District 3rd Oct_2.jpg

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Tue, 28th September 2021

Bordesley Abbey Chapter Returns

On Monday 27th September some 8 Members of the Chapter together with the District Recorder and 1 Visitor, attended the Redditch Masonic Hall to conduct their delayed Enthronement Meeting.

The meeting saw Ill. Bro. Tony Parkes, 30o proclaimed as MWS for a third year under Dispensation, and the Officers of the Chapter re-appointed into their respective stations.

The Chapter then received a paper from the District Recorder entitled "The Words of the 18th Degree" which was well received.

The 3rd Point was conducted under the direction of the District Recorder, emulating the procedure which to date has been adopted by Chapters in the District to ensure Covid -19 and Health & Safety protocols are observed.

On completion of the meeting a number of the Brethren retired to a nearby Indian Restuarant to enjoy a convivial dinner.


Sat, 25th September 2021

Super Saturday at St Francis of Assisi 711

What a wonderful event the Enthronement Meeting of St. Francis of Assisi turned out to be. It commenced with a demonstration of all that is good about our Order with an excellent Perfection Ceremony conducted by the MWS, Ill. Bro. Gary Talbot, 30o supported by V. Ill. Bro. Dr. Joseph Marzouk, 33o and Ill Bro Simon Jinks, 30o , overseen by the Acting DC, Ill. Bro. Charles Dyer, 31o . which saw the 89 year old Candidate, W. Bro. Peter L Taylor welcomed into our wonderful Order.

St Francis IG,s DR's & Candidate (2).jpg

On completion of the Perfection Ceremony the Chapter then Enthroned V. Ill. Bro. Dr. Richard. N. Hoare, 33o as MWS of this, his Mother Chapter he joined in 1973, and was last the MWS in 1983, V. Ill. Bro. Dr. Joseph F. K. Marzouk, 33o the IG Designate for Worcs., as 1st General and V. Ill. Bro. Stephen W. Fowler, 33o the IG Designate for Warks. as 2nd General. (Unfortunately absent due to family medical problems).

The Meeting was supported by 2 other Inspectors General for the Districts of South Wales and Monmouthshire and Buckinghamshire and there were 1 Past and 3 current District Recorders in support.

St Francis IG's & DR's. (2).jpg

All in all it really was a Super Saturday of Rose Croix Freemasonry.

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Sat, 25th September 2021

Inspirational Evening at St. Ann of Malvern Chapter

On Friday 24th September some 13 Members of the Chapter together with the Inspector General Designate and District Recorder, assembled at Rainbow Hill to enjoy their return to a Regular Meeting having had a 20 month period of absence due to lockdown.

Unfortunately the Meeting commenced with an Obituary to departed merit, but then moved forward to conduct its overdue Enthronement with the Proclamation of the MWS remaining in the Chair for a 3rd year under Dispensation, followed by the Appointment and Installation of Officers with only one change from those who had served previously. That due to the DC, Ill. Bro. John Rogers, 30o retiring from that office after 20 years of loyal and faithful service.

Following the Installation the meeting was then treated to an excellent presentation by V. Ill. Bro. Dr. Joseph Marzouk, 33o the Inspector General Designate, entitled an "Overview of the Ancient and Accpeted Rite". It really did provoke food for thought and indeed, as the MWS stated in thanking the IG certainly provided a "Daily Advancement in Masonic Knowledge." On conclusion it was greeted with acclaim and then the revised and adopted method of conducting the Third Point took place.

On completion the Brethren retired to the Festive Board to enjoy a convivial meal in each others company.


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Thu, 9th September 2021

Welcome Return for Wencesals Chapter 1114

On Tuesday 7th September in their first meeting following exactly 2 years of interruption due to Covid-19, their last meeting being on 4th September 2019, Eight members and 2 Guests, including the Inspector General Designate in Charge, were in attendance at Kings Heath Masonic Hall.

The meeting started on a sombe note with moving Eulogies in respect of departed merit for V:.Ill:.Bro. Peter Waring 33o , Past I.G. for District of Warwickshire, Ill. Bro. Roydon Smith, 32o Past Distrrict Recorder and Ill. Bro. Ivan Potts, 30o .

This was followed by the Procalamation of the incumbent MWS to continue in Office, under Dispensation, for the rest of the year, when E & P First General will be Enthroned at the Regular Meeting in May 2022. 

After the Chapter was closed having conducted a symbolic Third Point, the Brethren refracted to a convivial Festive Board where they entertained their Ladies, Families and Guests. It was a marker of a good start for a new season with hopes that by the Grace of God, no further interruptions might ensue.

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Fri, 3rd September 2021

Ill Bro. Raymond S Pidcock,

It is with much sadness that we record the Passing of Ill Bro. Raymond S. Pidcock,30o an Honorary Member of Merston Culy Chapter No. 883,,  in the early hours of this morning. May he rest in Peace and Rise in Glory 

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Fri, 3rd September 2021

Breme Chapter No. 862

On Wednesday 1st September, the Chapter, together with 9 Visitors including the Inspector General Designate and the District Recorder, met at what was the first Rose Croix Chapter meeting in the District for over 18 months, and what an excellent evening it turned out to be.

We had the election and proclamation of the MWS, who in turn then investsed his Officers. This was followed by an excellent ceremony of Perfection of E & P Brother Ian Kearns, conducted by a number of the Officers and with the assistance of a Deputy Preceptor from the MRCCI who acted as Capt. of Gd and Marshall.

The Chapter had prepared an excellent method of conducting the Third Point, given the current circumstances, and in so doing ensured it lost none of its deep meaning, especially for the Candidate.

On completion of the meeting the assembled company then retired to a first class Festive Board to complete an excellent meeting of Rose Croix Freemasonry.

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Wed, 4th August 2021

The District Diary No 10

District Diary Edition 10 Summer 2021 (1)_1.jpg

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District Diary Edition 10 Summer 2021 (1)_3.jpg

District Diary Edition 10 Summer 2021 (1)_4.jpg

Celebrate Success

Sat, 17th July 2021

Higher Degree Promotions

It is with pleasure and delight that we announce the following Promotions to the 30o for those Members of our District to be effective from 8th July:

Ill Bro's:  David Barnett ~ St Ann of Malvern Chapter No. 606

              Allan Bretherton ~ Northfield Chapter No. 1022

              John Harmshaw ~ St Dunstan Chapter No. 12

              Peter Hartley ~ St. Kenelm Chapter No. 876

              Andrew Milton ~ St Annof Malvern Chapter No. 606

              William Parker ~ Gervase Paganel Chapter No. 316

               Robert Vaughan ~ St. Nicolas Chapter No. 198

We look forward to seeing them in their new Regalia albeit they still have to attend Supreme Council to have the Degree conferred.

Worcestershire Chapter 970.JPG

Tue, 29th June 2021

Worcestershire Chapter No. 970

On Saturday afternoon 26th June the Chapter held a Virtual Meeting with Ill. Bro. Michael Cox, 31o in the Chair due to our current MWS recovering at home following an operation.

The MWS in the Chair welcomed the Inspector General Designate in Charge, V. Ill. Bro. Joseph Marzouk, 33o, the Past Inspector General, V. Ill. Bro. Richard Hoare, 33o , the District Recorder, who was hosting the meeting and the Recorder for setting the meeting up.

The MWS then called upon the Prelate to pay tribute to those of our Members who had Passed to the Grand Chapter above since September of last year, Ill. Bro's M L Homer, R M Smith, A G Wright, 32o , M J Miles, 31o and Ill. Bro's J McGann, G F Lowther, 300 . The Princes paid due acknowledgement.

During the course of the Meeting the confirmation of Honorary Membership was given for Ill. Bro R G H Goddard, 32o .

The next scheduled Meeting due on 1st October was to be changed to Monday 13th December due to the hosting of the Installtion of our Inspector General. The DR stated that he would be calling on the previous Committee to meet, probably in October to commence the replanning of the event.

With all business being conducted the Chapter were then entertained to an excellent presentation by our Inspector General Designate based on the History of the Ancient and Accepted Rite and its foundations in this country in 1845.

On completion this was met with virtual acclaim.

The MWS in the Chair declared the Meeting closed in Peace and Harmony at 15:15hrs.

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Tue, 22nd June 2021

District Virtual Meeting 21.06.2021

On Tuesday 21st June some 34 Members of the District , including the Inspector General Desig. and the District Recorder came together for a Virtual Meeting to gain updates from every Chapter on their current state and the health of their Members.

Following his warm welcome and introduction, the IG paid tribute to Departed Merit following the recent loss of two of our members, Ill. Bro. Ivan Potts, 30o and E & P Bro. Alex Hinton, 18o.

Each Chapter representative then gave an update on their Chapter including an Almoners Report and a look forward to our escaping from the current restrictions imposed by this dreadful disease. This included one or two of our Members who are suffering from long-Covid and finding the road to recovery difficult.

The DR introduced as a discussion document a 3 year Progression Plan for each Chapter with the object of focusing our minds back to future Chapter matters having spent some 18 months plus ensuring we maintained communication with all of our Members.

The meeting proved beneficial to all concerned and once again allowed Ill. Bro. Charles Dyer, 31o , Preceptor of the MRCCI, the opportunity to offer the assistance of his team to any Chapter who may need support and assistance to conduct their ceremonies.

The meeting concluded with the IG Desig. thanking everyone for the excellent attendance and their contributions. A copy of the District Diary will be compiled by the DR and forwarded for distribution next week.

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Sat, 12th June 2021

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