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Sun, 14th July 2019

In Memoriam

It is with much sadness that we report the Passing to the Grand Lodge Above of Ill. Bro. Norman J R Burden, 300 current MWS of Merston Culy Chapter, on Friday 12th July.

We send our heartfelt condolences to the Family.


Wed, 10th July 2019


On Tuesday 9th July Ill Bro. David Emery was Promoted to the 31st Degree in recognition of his services to the Order in General and his duties as a Sentinel for the Supreme Council in particular. David has of course also been appointed as Provincial Senior Warden in the Craft. His opposite number, Ill Bro. Len Venables, whilst a Staffordshire member of the Order, is also well known to the Province of Worcestershire as the Provincial Grand Sword Bearer in both Craft and Chapter.

Our sincere congratulations are extended to them both.

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Thu, 4th July 2019

Breme Chapter 862

With excellent support from Northfield Chapter and with the Inspector General and District Recorder in attendance the Chapter enjoyed a very sociable evening.

In the temple the main business was to receive a paper from the District Recorder entitled "The Words of the 18th Degree." This once again provided much food for thought and created a better understanding of some of the words and symbols used in our Perfection Ceremony.

On completion the Brethren retired to enjoy a very convivial Festive Board.

The Chapter are ernest in their endeavours since moving, following the closure of Bromsgrove Masonic Hall, and are now in an excellent home in Kidderminster. The need now is to gain Candidates from those Lodges that meet at Kidderminster to ensure their longevity

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Thu, 4th July 2019

Wenceslas Chapter 1114

Tuesday 2nd July marked a special occassion for the Chapter in that they were able to conduct a Perfection Ceremony having been without Candidates for the past two years.

Whilst the attendance was not as expected the Officers and Members of the Chapter all took part in the Ceremony and indeed the two guests were also asked to assist in the Opening.

The Candidate was well received in what proved to be a well worked ceremony.

On completion the assembled company retired to enjoy a usual Wenceslas "off the menu" Festive Board of an extremely high quality.



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Tue, 2nd July 2019

Merston Culy Chapter No. 883

An excellent attendance was recorded at the Meeting held on Friday 28th June at Kings Heath Masonic Hall where the assembled company witnessed the Inspector General presenting a Supreme Council Certificate, make a "surprise" presentation of a Worcester Porcelain Tile to one of the members who has faithfully served not only this, but the other Chapters meeting at Kings Heath, the District and the Order in general during his 22 year membership.

This was followed by a very interesting Lecture given by one of the Deputy Preceptors of the MRCCI based on the number 33.

The Chapter then conducted the necessary Elections of the MWS and Treasurer for the forthcoming year.

A Visitor having conducted the Third Point the assembled company then moved to enjoy a very good and convivial Festive Board where they made a generous donation to the Craft Festival.

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Thu, 20th June 2019

Evesham Chapter 994 Enthronement Meeting

Some 16 Members of the Order, including 2 Senior Visitors and the Inspector General and District Recorder met at Evesham Masonic Centre, Swan Lane, to both witness and enjoy an excellent Enthronement Ceremony which clearly demonstrated the hard work put in by the Enthroning Sovereign. 

The Inspector General commented that "It was a pleasure to witness a ceremony of this quality."

During the course of the Meeting the two Senior Members of the Order present, both Deputy Preceptors of the MRCCI were Proposed as Joining Members of the Chapter and, subject to successful Ballot the Chapter looks forward to welcoming them at the next Meeting in October. The Cahpter may also be in a position to Ballot for and Perfect a Candidate.

The Meeting was followed by a first class Festive Board with the final Asparagus tasting of the 2019 season.

All in all a very encouraging and enjoyable evening. 

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Sat, 15th June 2019

St. Kenelm Chapter 876 Enthronement

Saturday 15th June saw some 9 Members  of the Order, including the Inspector General, attend the Enthronement Meeting at Kings Heath Masonic Hall.

It was unfortunate that over 40% of the Members were unable to attend but the hardy few provided an intersting Meeting and an enjoyable Festive Board.

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Tue, 11th June 2019

Good Night at Northfield Chapter No. 1022

The Chapter held its Enthronement Meeting at Northfield Masonic Hall last evening with good support from Visitors and the attendance of the Inspector General and District Recorder.

Due to the very unfortunate medical condition of the MWS's wife causing his unavoidable absence the Chapter used a number of its Senior Officers to both fill the necessary posts and conduct the Enthronement of the MWS Elect folllowed by him Appoining and Investing his Officers.

On completion of a well worked ceremony the District Recorder then presented a paper entitled "The Words of the Eighteenth Degree." which was well received.

Following the Third Point the Brethren retired to enjoy a very good Festive Board, which brought to an end an excellent evening of Rose Croix Masonry.

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Sat, 8th June 2019

Unique Occasion at Supreme Council

On Tuesday 4th June the Inspector General and District Recorder joined with a unique assemblage of Father and Son, together with their guests and other representatives from the District of Worcestershire, to witness them receive their Promotions to the 30th Degree.

The day began at Birmingham International Station followed by excellent 1st Class travel to London, a Lunch in the Cavensidish Hotel, followed by the Ceremony and then Dinner at the Royal Overseas League before returning 1st Class to our point of departure.

It was an excellent day for our two Candidates who thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


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Sat, 8th June 2019

Breaking News

We offer our sincere congratulations to one of our Worcestershire Deputy Preceptos in the MRCCI who is to be Installed as the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler in the Order of the Secret Monitor. 

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Fri, 31st May 2019

St. Dunstan Chapter No. 12

Fri 31st May ~ Passing of Ill Bro. W. (Bill) Glaze 30

It is with regret that we announce the Passing to the Grand Chapter Above, on Saturday 18th May, of Ill. Bro. Bill. Glaze. Bill was a Past MWS of St Dunstan's Chapter No. 12 but was forced to resign due to ill health. His funeral will be held at Worcester Crematorium on Thursday 13th June at 11:30. 

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Thu, 23rd May 2019

St Ann of Malvern Enthronement

On Thursday 23rd May at Rainbow Hill Worcester the Chapter held it's delayed Enthronement Meeting. Unfortynately due to the change in date a number of the Chapter Officers had given apologies due to other committments.

It was an excellent evening with a first class Enthronement Ceremony and a credit to the Chapter.

On completion the Brethren were entertained to an excellent meal as a fitting end to a very successful evening.

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Fri, 17th May 2019

St Nicolas Chapter No. 198

Friday 17th May saw an excellent attendance at Kings Heath Masonic Hall to witness an excellent Perfection Ceremony conducted by a number of Officers of the Chapter.

The MWS and Treasurer were declared for the following year and the reguar business of the Chapter then conducted.

It was very good to see a number of the Members of St Agnes Chapter in attendance and the two Chapters now intervisiting to support one another.

On completion of the Meeting the Brethren retired to enjoy a most convivial Festive Board.

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Sun, 12th May 2019

Passing of Ill. Bro. Jeremy A StM Mallin 30

It is with much sadness that we report the Passing to the Grand Chapter Above of Ill Bro. Jeremy Maiiln. Jeremy was very well known throughout the District having serves as MWS for St. Mary's Abbey Chapter in 2002 & 2004 and recently been Enthroned in Worcester Chapter 907.

He was a great supporter of the District and will be sadly missed. Our sincere condolences go the family

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Wed, 8th May 2019

St Theodore Chapter No. 887 ~ Enthronement Meeting

The Chapter held it's Enthronement Meeting at Rainbow Hill on Tuesday 7th May with some 18 Members of the Order in attendance including the District Recorder..

Unfortunately, due to Ill health, the original MEZ Elect was unable to attend and his place taken by a Past MWS who served in the Office in 2008 and now holds the 31st Degree.

His Enthronement was conducted by a Founder of the Chapter who in turn holds the 32nd Degree ably assisted by the IPS who also holds the 32nd Degree. It was a very good Ceremony and much credit is due to all those who took part.

On completion the Chapter was "Called Off" to receive a Presentation from Ill. Bro. Joseph Khalil-Marzouk, 31st Degree and a Deputy Preceptor of the MRCCI. His talk was entitled "What is the Hour?" and left the audience considering the many and varied aspects that had been highlighted. It certainly proved to be a thought-provoking presentation.

Once completed the Chapter was "Called On" and the Meeting concluded ending with the 3rd Point.

The assembled company then moved downstairs to enjoy a very pleasant Festive Board.

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Fri, 3rd May 2019

St Dunstan Chapter No 12.~ Enthronment

On Friday 3rd May the Chapter held it's Enthronement Meeting with an excellent attendance and with both the Inspector General and District Recorder in attendance. The Installing Sovereign conducted an excellent, sincere and meaningful Ceremony, before departing to celebrate his 50th Wedding Anniversary.

On completion of the main part of the business the Meeting was "Called Off" and the District Recorder presented a paper entitled "The Words of the 18th Degree." This was very well received.

The Chapter was "Called On." and the new MWS conducted the Third Point in an impeccable manner.

On completion the Members enjoyed an excellent Festive Board where the MWS very generously dispensed a trio of beautiful long stemmed roses to certain attendees. 

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Thu, 2nd May 2019

Breme Chapter No. 862

The Chapter held it's Enthronement Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Kidderminster last evening. Whikst it saw a reduced number in attendance the Proclamation of the MWS for a Second Year was well handled and the Officers who were in attendance were Appointed and Invested. On completion of the Ceremony a paper of interest was presented featuring on the Guilds system in the 17th & 18th Century by the IPS..

On completion of the Meeting the Members moved to an Indian Resturant for Supper.

This is a Chapter in need of support and seeking new Members especially from those living in the Kidderminster area.

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Mon, 29th April 2019

Bordesley Abbey No. 918 ~ Enthronement

On Monday 29th April the Chapter held it's Enthronement Meeting at Redditch with the Inspector General and District Recorder in attendance.

The MWS conducted a sincere ceremony Inducting the new MWS, who had recently left the Chair of Temple Balsall Chapter, (Warks), who in turn Appointed and Invested all those of his Officers who were in attendance.

On completion the Brethren enjoyed a very good Festive Board where the District Recorder was delighted and surprised to be presented with a WMCO Lottery Monthly Winners cheque by the MWS, who is the Secretary of the Lottery Committee,  with the Chairman of the Lottery also in attendance as a Member of the Chapter

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Sat, 27th April 2019

St Francis of Assisi Chapter No. 711

The Meeting on Saturday 27th April was very well attended and proved to be an extremely worthwhile meeting. Once the Business had been completed the Chapter was Closed and then enjoyed an excellent Presentation by the MRCCI Preceptor and one of his Deputies entitled "A Revisit to the Intermediate Degrees," This really gave everyone food for thought given that other than the Annual Presentations of one or two of those Degrees, made by the King Edward VII Chapter of Improvement and although we are all issuaed with a Booklet explaining them we are probably all aware that little attention is paid to them.

On completion of the assembled company retired for a very good Festive Board made especially memorable by celebrating the 90th Birthday of one of the members and the MWS's good lady had made a very tasty Birthday Cake for us all to enjoy.

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Wed, 24th April 2019

Higher Degree Promotion

On St. George's day, 23rd April,  the Inspector General and District Recorder accompanied Ill Bro. Richard B W Price to the Supreme Council Meeting to witness his Investiture and Promotion to Knight Kadosh 30th Degree.

This ceremony is always excellently presented by the Members of the Supreme Council and this occassion was no different.

On completion of the Meeting we moved to the Royal Overseas League for a very good Festive Board.

Our congratulations are extended to Richard on his appointment.