I am delighted to extend a very warm welcome to our website for the District of Worcestershire which we trust will provide up to date information for our members whilst providing an insight into our Order by interested parties.

I was installed as Inspector General on 26th November 2012 at Kings Heath by the Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander Alan John Englefield 330

The District has 19 Chapters within Worcestershire and therefore there is a Rose Croix Chapter within easy reach of most parts of the district.

Brethren wishing to join this beautiful Christian Order will find that the emphasis is on members who maintain the quality, friendliness and warmth of the Order, with thought provoking ritual. Members tell me that this is an Order which they cherish and love.

We welcome new members to this unique Christian Order, who profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith and have been Master Masons for a year or more. Please view the rest of the site for further information

If you are interested please contact our District Recorder, Ian Fothergill or any of the local Chapters via their Recorder.




V Ill Bro Richard N Hoare 330



  If you would like to comment or contribute to this site, please contact Ian Fothergill the "Editor".